Challenges faced by event security


  Event security guards are required to provide a variety of duties when engaged to manage the security of an event, large or small. The primary responsibility of an event security guard is the safety and protection of all attendees at events including concerts, sporting events, conferences, and private gatherings.

As an event security guard, you may be asked to perform a wide variety of duties, and these will be dictated by several factors including the type of event, the guest list, and the venue itself. From security camera surveillance to on-the-ground activities such as screening guests and crowd control, an event security guard is required to have a wide range of skills to be an effective team player.

Why security need for events?

Event security is essential to allow the event to go smoothly without any external or internal threats endangering the safety and security of the people attending the event. All over the world, countless incidents occur during events of small and large scale alike, leading to a loss in terms of lives and compensatory lawsuits. Many of these unfortunate incidents are due to security lapses from the event security management staff. One recent example is the 2017 Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, when an active shooter killed 58 people, injured many others, and caused about $800 million in lawsuit settlements. 

There is an excessive need for event security and its management to prevent losses to human lives and public property and to prevent any crowd mismanagement issues. Any medical emergency might also arise, and troubling guests can also create a nuisance for others. The responsibility of dealing with all these situations lies in the hands of the event security staff, who must apply all their knowledge and skills to make the venue as safe and risk-free as possible for the event attendees.

Challenges faced by event security:

1.Crowd Management:  The security personnel present on the site must exert authority over the crowd whenever there is a need to do so. This is because larger crowds can pose a greater difficulty in listening to commands or follow instructions. This can pose a hurdle to dealing with any grave security situation.

The guards must be able to have the crowd in their control by whatever means necessary so that they can guide them during the event and can allow them to relocate to safe positions if any emergency arises. A little extra authority on part of the security guards can be a matter of life and death of the people in some cases. 

2.Emergency Response: Establish protocols for responding to emergencies such as medical incidents, fires, and security threats. Train staff members on emergency procedures and ensure that emergency exits are clearly marked and accessible.

3.Power and Fire failures:  Fire can occur in any part of the venue due to several factors. Small-scale fires are easy to handle, but when they happen on a large scale, they become a source of extreme danger for people. Toxic fumes rising from big fires serve to suffocate the people, and thus fire can passively pose a threat to their lives. 

Power failure is also hazardous in the same way. These failures can be very detrimental for events happening during nighttime as they can create a completely dark scene, screening any unfortunate event from sight. Dealing with these events becomes very difficult for the guards, and criminals can take advantage of this opportunity for their ill motives. 

Thus, proper protocols must be devised to prevent these conditions and control them if they present themselves through any unfortunate events. 

Measures to step up security at big events:

1.Increased Personnel: Increase the number of security personnel, including trained security guards, ushers, and crowd management staff, to ensure adequate coverage of the event venue. Additional personnel can help monitor entrances and exits, patrol the venue, and respond quickly to security threats or emergencies.

2.Advanced Screening Procedures: Implement advanced screening procedures, such as metal detectors, bag checks, and pat downs, to prevent weapons, explosives, and other prohibited items from entering the event. Utilize technology such as X-ray scanners for enhanced security screening.

3.Access Control: Strengthen access control measures to regulate entry to the event and prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access. This may include implementing ticketing systems, ID checks, and perimeter fencing to control the flow of attendees and deter intruders.

4.Surveillance and Monitoring: Increase the deployment of surveillance cameras and monitoring systems throughout the event venue to enhance situational awareness and detect potential security threats. Utilize video analytics and facial recognition technology for real-time threat detection.

5.Communication Systems: Establish robust communication systems for disseminating important information to event staff, attendees, and emergency responders. Utilize two-way radios, mobile phones, public address systems, and digital messaging platforms to facilitate communication during emergencies.

6.VIP Protection: Provide enhanced security measures for VIPs, dignitaries, and high-profile attendees, including dedicated security details, secure transportation arrangements, and restricted access to certain areas of the venue.

7.Cybersecurity Measures: Strengthen cybersecurity measures to protect against cyber threats, including hacking, data breaches, and ransomware attacks. Secure networks, encrypt sensitive data, and implement multi-factor authentication to safeguard digital assets and infrastructure.

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We have explained everything you need to know about event security and role of security in event and hopefully have answered the question, “What is event security management?” for you. Deep Security Pte Ltd providing experienced staffs and high ranked officers for the events, feel free to check their websites for more details. Event security is essential to allow the events’ smooth progression and protect the attendees from any danger. The management staff must use pre-planned strategies to deal with any situation, and the organizing people on their part must also choose the companies offering the best event security services.



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