Measures to Prevent Warehouse Theft | What threats do warehouses really face?


Warehouse security is a key aspect of protecting your business from potential threats. You never know when an intruder may try to break into your warehouse, which is why it's important to invest in top-notch security measures to keep your business safe around the clock.

When it comes to protecting your business, it's always better to be safe than sorry. So, take the necessary precautions to safeguard your warehouse against potential threats and ensure the future success of your business. The right security solution can make all the difference.

Measures to Prevent Warehouse Theft:

  • Run Background Checks on All Warehouse Staff: This foundational step ensures that those entering the workforce have an untainted past.
  • Perform a Security Audit: Like a periodic health check for the warehouse, consistently assessing security protocols can highlight areas needing enhancement. Tools such as the Warehouse Management System play a pivotal role in this.
  • Entryway Security Doors and Window Security: Strengthening potential entry points is essential. Advanced lock mechanisms, burglar-resistant windows, and electronic monitoring enhance security.
  • Implement Warehouse Security System: Modern systems, paired with a Warehouse Management System, provide real-time monitoring, ensuring a substantial leap in warehouse security.
  • High-tech Access Control Systems and Security Cages: These restrict access, with features like biometric scans adding an extra layer of defence.
  • Security Cameras and Video Surveillance: Today’s AI-enabled cameras offer features like real-time threat detection and facial recognition.
  • Inventory Tracking: Through IoT and RFID tags, tracking items becomes effortless, immediately highlighting any inconsistencies.

Best practices for warehouse security:

  • Keep the areas designated for receiving and dispatching physically separated.
  • Do a comprehensive background check when hiring new employees.
  • Invest in ongoing employee training.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and use RFID or barcode scanning instead.
  • Protect entrance and exit doors with a quality physical access control system.  
  • Create and adhere to a security policy to remove trash and scrap from the warehouse.
  • Unload vehicles through separate channels.
  • Install a CCTV surveillance system so internal and external activities can be monitored.
  • Restrict visitors from roaming the premises, unless supervised.
  • Acquire an appropriate alarm system.
  • Establish a proper control for the outgoing shipping consignment.
  • Inspect all vehicles that enter and exit the warehouse.
  • Implement security lighting inside and outside the warehouse.
  • Place guards at all entrance and exit checkpoints.
  • Review, test and maintain the warehouse security system on a regular basis.

Why is Warehouse Security so Important?

So, why is security for warehouses so important? There are a few factors that may drive the importance of warehouse security to one organization or another — whether they be projecting an image of strength, ensuring that workers feel safe when on duty, or simply protecting the warehouse from threats — but very often, it boils down to protecting the people and assets of the organization.

 What threats do warehouses really face?

Unfortunately, warehouses can be a prime target for everyone, from criminals seeking material goods to disgruntled employees or former employees who wish the organization harm — and in some cases, even politically radicalized individuals.

As such, warehouse security can be paramount to ensuring that goods, materials, and parts housed therein are safe from whatever threats may be lurking. A running warehouse security breach can significantly disrupt operations in many cases, leading to scenarios such as inventory shrinkage or even complete operational shutdowns.

Warehouse Security Measures:

1.Warehouse Security Cameras:

Security camera warehouse setups can be both a great deterrent to thieves and a simple way to gather strong evidence to pursue a case against them if they do steal something. Modern security camera systems can collect high-definition footage and upload it to an offsite server to make identification of thieves easier and preserve the evidence if they try to tamper with the cameras or onsite recording stations.

2.Warehouse Lighting:  

Yes, lighting can be considered a vital part of warehouse security. Poorly lit warehouses not only provide protection for thieves (making them harder to identify), but they can also be a safety hazard for warehouse employees and security staff. So, keeping warehouse facilities well-lit is a crucial safety measure—both to prevent theft and on-site accidents.

3.Alarm Systems:  

Alarm systems can be a crucial tool for deterring theft attempts, minimizing the amount of goods stolen by thieves, and summoning security or police in time to stop thieves from getting away. Knowing that there’s an alarm keeps thieves on a tight time limit, so they don’t steal as much (or deter them from the attempt). Getting an alert from a silent alarm helps security and police arrive on the scene quickly so thieves can be detained before they make off with valuable products.

4.Security Patrols:  

Does the warehouse have on-site security staff to help deter thieves? Do they make the rounds to verify that there are no intruders lurking in security camera blind spots? 
Having manual security patrols to police the premises can be a massive deterrent to casual thieves and trespassers that minimizes large-scale theft risks.

5.Access Control Systems and Security Cages:

How is high-value merchandise kept secure within the warehouse? How is access to these items controlled? Security cages and access control systems make it harder for thieves to get at valuable inventory—creating a high-security warehouse environment that minimizes theft risks.

6.Inventory Tracking: 

How is inventory in the warehouse tracked? How frequently is inventory checked for missing products? Inventory tracking solutions are vital for ensuring that inventory shrinkage can be identified quickly (and that inventory availability reports in your ecommerce store are accurate). 

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There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional security team for your warehouse. Having the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is well-secured comes from keeping your staff and your inventory safe, and proactively preparing for any disaster.


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