Reasons You Need a Remote Monitoring and Control System:


 Remote monitoring services in security refer to the practice of monitoring security systems, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, access control systems, and sensors, from a remote location. This remote monitoring is typically performed by trained professionals who use advanced technology to keep an eye on the premises, respond to alerts, and take appropriate action when necessary. Remote monitoring and management solutions boost your company’s security infrastructure while supporting your employees’ productivity and experience no matter where their employees work on any given day.

There are a variety of different services now available remotely thanks to the technological advancements over the past few years. It is now possible to: 

  • Remote Monitoring: Fire, flood, temperature, and intruder.
  • Video Verification: Alarm or camera activated (with audio add-on).
  • Interactive Video Monitoring: Remote guard, access control management and automated system monitoring.

Reasons You Need a Remote Monitoring and Control System:

  • Cost Saving:

Remote monitoring and control systems significantly reduce the labour necessary to carry out routine business operations. Staff can turn to more productive work until human expertise is needed. Supervisors don’t need to spend time generating and analysing reports. Intelligent management software can do that automatically.

Purchasing M&C systems does require an up-front investment, but that investment can be spread out over a wide range of operations and over time. These systems can generate a significant ROI when they’re effectively implemented.

  • Detailed Data Collection

Not only is information processed more efficiently in M&C systems, but you also get a higher volume of useful information, which allows you to make decisions earlier and more effectively. Sensors are built right into your infrastructure, which means they can collect data right at the source. Data collection can happen continuously and simultaneously in real time.

As an example, when using an asset management system, the status of multiple assets within an equipment kit can be verified simultaneously and near-instantaneously by built-in wireless sensors when a user signs out or returns a kit. If a component is missing or damaged, the system can notify relevant supervisors so they can respond immediately.

  • Reduces system downtime:

The managed security service will work 24/7 to correct issues and handle system problems, such as broken security cameras or a malfunctioning alarm. It will never be your responsibility to replace broken or damaged equipment.

Further, since their tools stream live feeds through an internet connection, they will alert you and do all they can to restore the network. This, in turn, helps to reduce system downtimes, as the security team will also monitor network connectivity and performance.

Intercoms in Remote Monitoring:

                                                       An intercom for electric gates is an intercom that can not only be used for communication with visitors at the gate, but it can also be used to open the gate remotely. You can connect the intercom with two wires to the electric gate's controller board and when a switch inside the intercom closes, the gate will open. These intercoms will work with any type of gate opener.

Gate intercoms come in all sorts of styles as shown in the graphic below. You can get them in wireless or wired and with video or audio only. Some intercoms let you talk to visitors from anywhere in the world and even activate your electric gate opener.

There are long-range wireless gate intercoms that use 2-way radio frequencies that can transmit over miles. Or there are cell phone-based intercoms that don't have any distance limitations if there is a strong cell phone signal at your gate.

  • Quick Setup and Deployment:

Remote security solutions can be set up quickly – depending on the size of your property, it may only take a day or two. This means that once you partner with your chosen security provider, your business will be monitored right away.

  • Keeps Employees Safe and Accountable:

It is not always external threats that businesses need to look out for.

Ninety-five percent of businesses have had an employee steal from them, and 33% of bankruptcies can be linked to employee theft. Having a remote security system in place can reduce internal theft and give management peace of mind that someone is always watching.

Further, remote security solutions can also be used to track employees’ whereabouts and actions. This keeps your team accountable for the time they clock in, if they are where they’re supposed to be, and their behaviour at work.

How Gate Intercoms Can Keep Your Property Secure?

                                                                      Want to enhance the safety of your property? One of the most effective solutions is through gate intercoms. Whether providing communication between two parties or controlling access to a particular area, these advanced security measures can provide an added layer of protection for your automatic gates.

How gate intercoms work?

Visitors must present their identity when using a front gate intercom before the door or gate opens. Depending on the type of system, visitors can present their identity verbally through a microphone or visually by showing an ID card to a built-in camera.

Once the visitor is identified and verified, the gate intercom will send an alert signal to authorised personnel or resident, who then verifies the visitor’s identity and grants access.

  • One of the main benefits of gate intercom systems is that they can provide a heightened level of security for both commercial and residential applications.
  • An intercom kit is advantageous where many residents need to gain access easily. Also, if a building has multiple entry and exit points, or high visitor numbers, such as apartment buildings, aged care, and retirement complexes.
  • A gate intercom with a camera is an assistive technology that enables users to verify the identity of visitors before allowing them access, thus eliminating unwanted intruders from entering the premises.
  • Additionally, gate intercoms provide a convenient way for authorised personnel to remotely open gates and doors without having to be present to grant access physically.

  • Automated or manually operated gates can be used to keep out unwanted visitors or vehicles. Some gates also have motion sensors or card readers that detect unauthorised persons and alert security personnel. When coupled with an intercom system, gate access control systems offer great convenience for residents and visitors.

Remote monitoring and control systems are designed to automate the control of large and complex processes. They are usually composed of a combination of digital and mechanical parts that together can capture, analyse, and act upon a higher volume of information faster than human staff could safely or effectively manage. One example of a remote monitoring and control system is a smart locker.

M&C systems are usually comprised of a combination of:

  • Sensors
  • Network connections.
  • Central computer systems
  • Interfaces for human input
  • Actuators, which are mechanical or electronic devices that take an action based on user or system feedback.

Using remote monitoring technology, businesses can access real-time surveillance footage, control alarm systems remotely, and receive notifications if suspicious activities are detected. This provides greater convenience for business owners and multiple business locations compared to traditional security cameras.

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Deep Security Services:

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Remote security monitoring systems have many useful features. It’s more than a video monitoring service and a team of on-site guards it’s a fully managed system you can access from anywhere. But installing one in your workplace is costly and requires a lot of thought. But this Remote monitoring system is more effective and efficient than you’re thinking. Feel free to visit our website and you will get know more about remote monitoring and advanced remote monitoring technologies using now a days in the societies.


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